Upcoming Coaching Workshop, October 2018

Introduction to Community Coaching Workshop, October 26-28th, 2018

New coach? Start here! This workshop is designed to teach parents and other beginning coaches how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions under the supervision of more experienced coaches. The orientation is for skiers of all age groups with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age. Coaches will be taught basic coaching skills, how to teach the fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations, how to create a motivating learning environment and how to set up a ski playground.

Send a message to clubcoordinator@inuvikskiclub.ca to register and check out the resources on the COACHING page.

Prerequisites: The minimum age requirement is 14 years. Coaches are asked to complete the online Coach Initiation in Sport e-learning module (available here, cost $15) before participating in this course.