Our Facilities


There are 8+ kilometres of trails used by the Inuvik Ski Club. Trails are maintained regularly by a team of volunteer groomers.

Inuvik Ski Club Trail Map (Courtesy of Brian Terry)
  • NEW USERS: Please take a trail map with you, as there are some locations where snowmobile trails merge with our ski trails.
  • DOGS: Birch Loop is available to those who like to ski with their canine companions. Dogs are permitted on the Birch Loop and on the trail to the culvert. Turn left immediately after the culvert to get to the Birch Loop. Please ensure that your dog is under control and not interfering with the pleasure of other users, and of course please clean up your dog’s droppings. We ask that people avoid skiing on the trails with their dogs during the week prior to the club’s special events.


The Chalet in summer

The ISC Chalet is located at the head of the green trail, on Gwich’in Road, next to the Jackrabbit Hill. The Chalet is a cozy place to change your boots, meet friends, and have a snack.

  • The Inuvik Ski Club chalet is open to all Members and their short-term guests. Members can obtain the access code to the building with membership fees.
  • The chalte is heated but has no running water or toilet facilities. The nearest rest rooms are located at the Midnight Sun Recreation Centre across Gwich’in Road from the ski hut.
  • A limited number of lockers are available for Members to store their skis, and are available for rent at $20 per season (Oct 1st – June 1st).
  • The chalet also has ski waxing benches, waxing irons and a selection of waxes available to Members.
  • In 2016, Bullfrog partnered with the Arctic Energy Alliance to install a 5 kW solar installation on the roof of the ski club’s maintenance building, which is generates enough clean energy to match the building’s annual winter energy consumption.